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Why Grace Homes

Why Grace Homes?

It’s More than a House. It’s a Reflection of You.

Installing gas piping

We could tell you that we’re better than your average custom home builder. We could tell you that we have great attention to detail. We could even say that we have awards and such to prove our commitment to excellence.

But we’re not.

Working on deck pillars

Simply put, we love what we do. We take our passion and we put it into your home. We’re not just getting you from clients to homeowners—we get to know you on a personal level, learn your priorities for your home. If you want to entertain, then we work with it. Your personality might be that you want curb appeal. You might want functionality and durability. Don’t know what you want? Grace Homes works as a team to collaborate with you, helping you decide on the style of home if you don’t know it. We help guide you along, making the process as simple and efficient as possible.

At Grace Homes, education is vital. We make sure you understand our process, what’s involved, the timeline it will take, what is going to last, the types of materials to consider for your home...all while working on your budget.

We pride ourselves on having grown our business through the gracious referrals of our clients, the referrals from suppliers, and the referrals of our own subcontractors. We’d like to think that these referrals come because of how we handle the stress for you as much as we can. We take the time to be prepared, to have efficient systems in place, to acquire necessary information upfront so you have less headaches later on.

It’s not unheard of with our clients that when their home is complete, they call us and ask, “What do I do now?” because we’ve become like family over the course of their custom home construction. One of our clients once fed us and our subcontractors meals on the construction site of their new home. We’ve eaten plenty of amazing food and desserts that our clients have brought to us in the office. They want to take us out to lunch. If you don’t feel like you know us by the end of your new home construction, then we’ve done something wrong.

We build homes and everlasting friendships and relationships.

There’s something to be said about personal touch. We invite you to come to our office—unannounced—and talk with us! We are here, treating people like they matter and their homes matter. Because it’s more than a house. It’s a reflection of you.