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Builders of the Future

Growing Omaha’s Next Generation of Construction Trade Careers

Builders of the Future Students

In the early 1990s, Ted Grace began the Builders of the Future program (part of the Builder Foundation) to “locate, encourage, and educate the next generation of construction trade specialists”. Its sole purpose is to network and educate high school students to become future builders. The Builder Foundation works with Omaha area high schools and organizations in order to teach construction skills to build tangible projects, providing an authentic “hands-on” building experience for those students serious about a career in the construction trade. The program includes mentoring and funding for this education, as well as employment opportunities within the community.

Grace Homes sponsors DC West and acts as their mentor. In this role, Ted and Jason take DC West’s industrial arts program students on quarterly tours of their homes, discuss with them in the classroom about projects they have going on, and more.

The Builder Foundation offers scholarships for prospective construction trade career students, too. The Career Builder Scholarship is offered through Metropolitan Community College and recognizes Omaha area high school seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to their future career. These students have participated in career building programs like Builders of the Future, Avenue Scholars, and many others.

To learn more about this program and become part of their efforts, visit The Builder Foundation’s website.